2015 No Way Jose! Posada Party December 19

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No Way Jose! invites you to attend one of our most fun parties of the year, our 2015 posada. What is a posada you ask? Posada is Spanish for “lodging”, or “accommodation”The nine-day period in which the posadas occur, represent the nine months of pregnancy, specifically the pregnancy of Mary carrying Jesus. A procession usually occurs and on each night a different home plays the part of the ‘inn’ . The resident of the ‘inn’ recognizes Mary and Joseph, sings a song, and allows them and the members of the procession into their home whom then often pray around a nativity scene.The evenings usually end with the children taking a turn to break the piñata and gather as many treats as they can. Read more about this long celebrated tradition here.

Although we will be celebrating bit differently, on Saturday, December 19th, we invite all of our friends and family into our ‘inn’ on this night for a beautiful celebration of friends, food, and fun. We will have live music, giveaways, and surprises starting at 7:00 PM. The first 30 guests will receive a flaming coffee on the innkeeper, Jose Alfredo. The night continues with a signature street party where children young and old will have their hand at the piñata, and try to see how many treasures you can take home! Don’t miss this very special night. Unlike Mary and Joseph, you can reserve room at our inn by clicking here.