Announcing New Management Structure

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I can barely believe that it was 6 years ago that this wonderful Col. Emiliano Zapata in Puerto Vallarta welcomed me with open arms as I started a new adventure named No Way Jose!. It has been a time like no other in my life that found me making life-long friends who I cherish and respect. The ultimate reward culminated in an amazing part of Vallarta history.

Now it is time to celebrate the terrific run No Way Jose! has enjoyed under my leadership and remember the moments we shared in Tu Casa en Vallarta.

It gives me an enormous amount of pleasure to announce, effective immediately, Jose Alfredo Gonzalez Padilla takes the reins of 100% of the operation. While I continue to maintain ownership, Jose Alfredo assumes total decision-making accountability on all levels for all parts of the business in a rental agreement.

I want to thank every person in the past 6 years who worked to make sure we delivered on our promise that everyone who experienced an evening at No Way Jose! would leave happy and come back. I want to thank some of the best servers in the colonia, the chefs who created unforgetable dishes, the administrative staff who kept the wheels on the operation. I could not be more grateful.

It will be my pleasure to continue to support No Way José! by referring clients to one of the best dining experiences in La Colonia Emiliano Zapata and joining them for what are sure to be amazing events as a happy customer. To all of my super family of friends, this is not adios, but merely, see you in La Colonia!

Stay tuned for more information on my new venture, The JG Group, Puerto Vallarta Real Estate.

Un abrazo fuertisimo,

Julie Guerrero

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