Mole Las Peñas

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No Way José! proudly presents a new sure-to-be-favorite dish on our menu: Mole Las Peñas.

In the personal words of Chef Mario Ibarra Rubio, he describes his inspiration for the dish:

“Puerto Vallarta was founded on December 12, 1851 by Don Guadalupe Sanchez Torres, who named the town “Las Peñas de Santa Mara de Guadalupe.” The name was eventually shortened to Puerto Las Peñas.

From that name comes “Mole Las Peñas” to represent the region not only nationally, but internationally.

I am not originally from this region. Destiny brought me to this place and slowly, like many visitors, I fell in love with my new home. That love inspired a gratitude within me that I wanted to express in the best way I know how.

Walking the streets of the pueblo I found a great variety of fresh ingredients growing plentifully in vallartense gardens: papayas ripening on the vine, ginger flourishing in the soil, mangos everywhere, hens and chickens running in between the children and grandparents playing in the gardens.

In these sights and sounds and smells I found the beauty of Vallarta’s tradition. The mole represents the fertile and moist soil; Swiss Chard represents the mountains, green and majestic; and the tequila foam represents the sea that reaches up to meet the soil, mountains and gardens of this beautiful region: Puerto Vallarta.”